Survive & Thrive: Balint

Facilitated group support sessions using Balint approach


The Balint groups are for any clinical professional working in general practice in South Yorkshire at any stage of career post early years  (i.e. not on GP new to practice fellowship, nurse VTS, PA preceptorship or following FCP roadmap) Your time will be reimbursed (GPs @£75 per session, other clinical professionals @ £50/session)


Balint groups offer a safe and supportive environment to process the emotional impact of your work with patients. These shared learning experiences offer opportunities for personal and professional development which can reinvigorate your work.

The Balint group method is a great way to understand the most complex patient presentations. The method highlights the ‘here and now’ group dynamics in the case discussions which will offer new and exciting insights into your relationships with patients.

Creativity and imagination are at the heart of Balint group approach. As a member you will be encouraged to listen to yourself and your responses and to explore these with the rest of the group. There are no right or wrong responses.

Balint groups are a great way to learn about yourself and your relationships with others in a non-threatening environment. They also provide members with the opportunity to be part of a professional support network.

Steve Delaney is a group analyst, psychotherapist & supervisor in Sheffield. Steve has run Balint groups / workshops in South Yorkshire for the past 6 years and is a member of the Balint Society. He currently works in private practice but has over 30 years experience working in the NHS, Higher Education & the voluntary sector.

You can contact the group conductor directly if you have any questions about the group:


We are planning to run once monthly sessions should there be sufficient interest.

There may also be the opportunity to run a taster sessions.

Currently we’re taking expressions of interest, so if you’d like to find out more please register below.


You will be able to register for the scheme and places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have enough interest for the session, we will then email you to confirm your place on the scheme and further details.

We understand that you may not be able to attend every session but if you miss two sessions without any prior notice, we do reserve the right to contact you to ask if you wish to continue, in case your space can be offered to another clinician.

A register of attendees will be taken and payments will be made quarterly in arrears. When you receive your confirmation email there will be a link for you to register your bank details to receive payment. It is your responsibility to arrange any tax/NI/student loan etc contributions from this.