AHP, Nurse and Nursing Associate
SY Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub
25th July 2024
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Course information

This 3-hour course is an online session and will be delivered by Health Inequalities tutors Dr Kathryn Kemp GP at The Gate Surgery, Rotherham and Blerta Ilazi ( ANP) at Page Hall Medical Centre.

The session will cover:

What is health inequality?​
  • Understand what health inequality means
  • Understand the national and local context
  • Understand how it may show up in your daily practice
Why does it happen and who they affect?​
  • Explore the wider determinants of health, explore who faces exclusion or additional challenges in accessing healthcare (“Inclusion Health Groups”)​
Why does it matter to me?​
  • Understand the role of GPN in primary care in addressing health inequalities​.
  • Current approaches in health policy: eg Core20PLUS5​ and best practice examples
What can I do about it?​
  • Patient stories as a focus with discussion of the issues.
  • Practical steps that can be done individually as a healthcare professional, as a practice or as a PCN


Course eligibility

This CPD course is for Practice Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals. Please check here if you are eligible for these funded courses.

Please note: By applying for any of these training courses, you/your practice will not be able to also claim your £333 allocated CPD funding.