First Contact Physio (FCP) placements are arranged with students from the University of Bradford. The FCPs are all qualified Physios working towards their Level 7 Advanced Practice with a specific accreditation for working in Primary Care. They require experience of alternative placements to be signed off against a clear set of agreed criteria.

Seeing and managing relevant patients is paramount, and the sign off element is about development of Primary Care consultation skills including doubt management, red flags, communication skills, appropriate sign-posting and onward referrals. During their time with you, they will do a mixture of observing your allocated Clinical Supervisor and running their own consultations under observation, with a 30 mins debrief at the end of each clinic or as you go along. They will require less supervision as they progress through their placement and sign-off after each session is very light-touch.

It is hoped that your Practice will be able to triage patients on a specific theme (e.g., shoulder pain) into specific FCP clinics with the students. Some Practices have also utilised some of the FCPs student time to benefit the Practice via in-service evaluations and Quality Improvement audits.

There have been national changes around FCP trainee supervision whilst on placement and now any professionally qualified practitioner in Primary Care will be able to supervise including the experienced FCP, Physicians Associates, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioners, GPs, GP Registrars, and GP Trainees.

Funding Details

  • A placement fee of £2,000 is payable for each placement.
  • Each FCP requires 75 hours of placement time from as soon as possible (to be arranged between the placement Practice and FCP).
  • 10 x 7.5-hour placement days are recommended although this may be flexible to suit your Practice/PCN.
  • The day of the week is also flexible however FCPs do have preferred days due to their other employment commitments as all are currently employed in Primary Care.

Funding details are correct as of November 2023.

Register Your Interest

If you can help one of these First Contact Physiotherapy students by offering them a placement in your Practice please contact us at so we can register your interest for the next cohort.