This Physician Associate (PA) Preceptorship Programme has been created to help establish the PA role safely and sustainably in Primary Care. It provides a framework that progressively integrates the PA into the front-line clinical workforce to become a safe and productive team member able to make a meaningful difference to the Primary Care team. It creates a supportive educational environment to enable the newly qualified PA to gain clinical skill confidence and grow into the role of being an independent practitioner.

The PA Preceptorship Programme provides a framework of learning, supervision and review that constitutes best practice. It aims to balance the need for intensive GP clinical input and support in the early days with the desire to have the PA working autonomously and effectively as part of the clinical team. The Preceptorship covers common acute presentations and ongoing management of long-term conditions routinely faced in Primary Care and helps the PA differentiate between, and manage, common Primary Care presentations.

Eligibility Criteria

All West Yorkshire Practices or PCNs employing a newly qualified Physician Associate in a substantive role (salaried or fixed-term contract, minimum term 2 years) are eligible for enrolment onto the Preceptorship.

Practice/PCN Expectations

The PA is directly employed by the Practice/PCN from the start. The selection and choice of PA is down to the employing Practice/PCN using their own recruitment selection methods. Employment and HR responsibilities lie with the employing Practice/PCN in the same way as they do for any other employee. The clinical responsibility for the activities and work of the PA are also the sole responsibility of the Practice/PCN. It is expected that the Practice/PCN appoints a lead GP to provide mentorship, guidance, and supervision to the PA and to have discussions with them in a regular and structured manner.

Funding Details

NHS England pay a £5000 bursary to the Employer when enrolling a newly qualified or new to Primary Care PA onto a Preceptorship Programme. The bursary payment is allocated to employers to support PA Preceptorship and to recognise that GP supervision and teaching required in the Practice/PCN setting throughout the Preceptorship period.

NHS England have produced an application guide which can be found here.

If a Preceptee resigns from the Preceptorship, payments will be adjusted to the date of resignation and the Employer will accept that preceptorship payments may become reimbursable to NHS England or be transferred to new employer to support ongoing engagement with the Preceptorship.

Further information about the Physicians Associate role can be found on the Faculty of Physicians Associates website.

How to apply

To apply for January 2024 cohort please click here.

For further information please contact the team at

If you’d like to talk to a PA directly about the scope and potential of the role within your organisation, NHS England run a PA ambassador programme. These are experienced individuals working in primary and secondary care. Make contact in your area to see what ideas, advice and support they can offer.  Your West Yorkshire primary care PA Ambassador is Asad Khan –