Welcome to the Yorkshire and Humber Primary Care Workforce & Training Hubs

Here you will find links to the three regional Yorkshire and Humber Primary Care Workforce and Training Hubs with information on how to access your regional training hub, workforce development information and learning resources.

Humber & North Yorkshire (HNY)

We're delighted to be able to provide support to practices with hosting students and training staff in a wide variety of primary care roles. HNY covers Hull, East Riding, York, North Yorkshire, North Lincs. and North East Lincs.

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South Yorkshire (SY)

Our main aim is to support the growth and development of a resilient primary care workforce. We offer support and advice for those currently working, or hoping to work in primary care in Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham and Sheffield.

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West Yorkshire (WY)

Delivering excellence in education, placement provision, training and supporting career progression through educational, training and workforce opportunities. We strive to support the delivery of a highly skilled, satisfied public and patient focused workforce across West Yorkshire.

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What are Training Hubs?

As Primary Care Workforce and Training Hubs within Yorkshire and the Humber we provide training support for local practices. We coordinate regional workforce and training schemes on behalf of NHS England (NHSE). This includes aiding practices to develop supervisors and assessors, offer student placements and employ and train a variety of roles supporting workforce development.

Each of the 42 Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) across England have an appointed Training Hub, for more information on Training Hubs nationally visit:

Training Hubs | Health Education England

Training Hubs and how they work | Health Education England

Video: How do ICSs Work?

Workforce Navigator

Providing information on role descriptions, training and development, support and additional links available for each role.

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Care Co-ordinator

Care Co-ordinators provide extra time, capacity and expertise to support with co-ordination and navigation for people and their carers across health care services, ensuring that their changing needs are addressed

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Clinical Pharmacist

Clinical Pharmacists work as part of the general practice team to resolve day-to-day medicine issues and consult with and treat patients directly. The role is pivotal to improving the quality of care and ensuring patient safety.

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Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapists work with those across the life span who experience a wide range of clinical conditions due to physical, mental, social or developmental difficulties.

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Physician Associate

Physician Associates are medically trained, generalist healthcare professionals, who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as an integral part of the multi-disciplinary team.

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About Us

What do Primary Care Workforce & Training Hubs do?

  • Coordinate education & training for primary care
  • Increase the capacity of learning placements in primary care
  • Promote interprofessional education
  • Assist Primary Care Networks with advice on workforce development
  • Facilitate the use of workforce tools for planning, retention & succession
  • Support ICBs and other local stakeholders
  • Liaise with HEIs and training bodies
  • Support the introduction of new roles in primary care
  • Develop initiatives to support practices to build their future workforce
  • Provide Fellowship/ Preceptorship training to support those new to working in General Practice

Resources, News and Events

Workforce Development Resources and Information

These areas of the website will provide you will information on training and upcoming events. You will find Practice Educator resources, GP supervisor information and training, information on personalised care and ARRS roles, and resources for health and well-being. Information is regularly updated so check often for upcoming events, training and new information.

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