The SY Workforce & Training Hub

We are the South Yorkshire Primary Care Training Hub, working across all of the four ‘place’ areas for South Yorkshire; Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham & Sheffield, which form the Integrated Care Board (ICB).

We are part of the wider workforce hub for South Yorkshire, which also includes SYREC (South Yorkshire Region Education & Careers) and the SYB Faculty For Advanced Practice. We are aligned with the National Training Hub agenda as part of the GP Workforce 10 Point Plan.

SY Workforce & Training Hub Annual Review 2023/24

SY Workforce & Training Hub Annual Report 2023/24

What does the SY Workforce & Training Hub do?

  • Supports the introduction of new roles in Primary Care
  • Develops initiatives to support practices to build their future workforce
  • Provides Fellowship/ Preceptorship training to support those new to practice

How does the SY Workforce & Training Hub work?

Our training hub has a team of clinicians and coordinators who work with individual practices, advising practice managers and clinicians about workforce initiatives available to them. We can also offer workforce planning advice and signpost the best available training and education.

We are responsible for the coordination of GP places for undergraduate healthcare professionals across South Yorkshire. We help students to consider primary care as a future career and we help GP practices to meet their potential future workforce!

Our hub is supported and directed by clinicians and managers across the ICB who provide governance and clarity of purpose.

Who can access the SY Workforce & Training Hub?

Our hub covers all 4 ‘place areas’ for South Yorkshire which form the Integrated Care Board (ICB): Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley.

We are the point of contact for any primary care workforce queries and we are available to all primary care organisations across the ICB

What is the history of the SY Workforce & Training Hub?

Our training hub has its roots in the Health Education England Yorkshire & Humber ATP (Advanced Training Practice) Scheme. This Scheme was created as a model to address the projected national shortage of GP nurses by increasing the numbers of student nursing placements within primary care and by promoting and delivering initiatives designed to support the primary care workforce.

The ATP Hub Scheme were the proud winners of the prestigious HSJ Award for Workforce in 2014.

The training hub has been created by the merger of Primary Care Works ATP Hub (covering Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster) and Foundry Medical Group ATP Hub (covering Sheffield).

By merging together to form the South Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub, the team can now provide one single voice for primary and community care on ICB Boards and can be the single point of contact for primary care workforce queries in this area.