GP Fellowship Scheme

The GP Fellowship Scheme is a national commitment in the NHS Long Term Plan to support newly qualified GPs as they begin their careers in General Practice.

The GP Fellowship offers structured learning and development opportunities, protected mentoring time and peer support designed to build clinical experience and confidence.

The SY Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub is delivering this 2-year Fellowship scheme to help practices in South Yorkshire attract, support and retain their future GP workforce.

What is the GP Fellowship?

⇒ 2-year Fellowship programme
⇒ Access to education programme led by experienced GP Educators
⇒ Networking opportunities
⇒ Structured & supported induction to working in General Practice
⇒ Provided at no cost to employer

Who can apply for the GP Fellowship?

Salaried or GP Partners working in the South Yorkshire Area within the first 12 months of qualification. There is scope to extend the post-qualifying period to 18 months in the instances of maternity/adoption/parental leave, long-term sickness or other caring responsibilities.

What is the aim of the Fellowship?

The aim of the fellowship is to support early years GPs, as they start their careers in Primary Care as well as provide some peer support as they transition to independent practice. It is also designed to increase the number of GP Registrars taking up substantive posts in primary care in the local region. It is also designed to allow opportunities within PCNs, to develop and expand the GP’s skills base to accommodate wider roles within the PCNs.

How long does the fellowship last?

The scheme is 2 years for a full time GP (based on a full-time GP working 9 sessions/week). For GPs working fewer than 9 sessions a week the scheme extends pro-rata based on the number of sessions. This continues until the equivalent of 2 years of full-time funding is claimed.

How many sessions do I need to commit to?

The scheme is based upon 1 session a week for a full-time equivalent GP (based on 9 sessions). If you work less than 9 sessions a week, you do a pro-rata equivalent. eg. A GP working 6 sessions would do 6 sessions every 9 weeks, or 2 sessions every 3 weeks.

What can I use the time for?

The time can be used for attending teaching and debrief sessions, take part in projects within your local PCN, mentoring sessions or individual learning needs to help you develop and establish as a newly qualified GP.

Do I have to do the same amount of sessions each month?

The sessions don’t always run evenly throughout the year, dependant on speakers and holidays. You can choose to do more sessions one month and less the next as long as you complete your sessions across the year.

When are the sessions?

The session take place on various Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during the year. The first Tuesday or Thursday (alternating) of the month will be a face to face debrief session. We are looking at consulting with GPs to offer sessions at different times of the week to try to accommodate as many GPs as possible. Most sessions are recorded so if you are work Tuesday and/or Thursday you should be able to catch up the session later.

How do I sign up?

If you are interested in finding out more you can contact the GP team.

If you wish to sign up, you will need complete 2 registration forms: one ‘general’ and one for ‘finance’