Our West Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub (PCWTH) has a team of clinicians, managers and administrators who work with individual practices, advising practice managers and clinicians about workforce initiatives available to them. We also offer workforce planning advice and signpost the best available training and education. We are responsible for the coordination of General Practice placements for undergraduate healthcare professionals across West Yorkshire. We help students to consider primary care as a future career and first destination career choice and we help General Practices to develop their potential future workforce. Our PCWTH is supported and directed by an expert group of clinicians and workforce managers who provide governance and clarity of purpose.

Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub Background

In 2009, the Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub began as a pilot in the Health Education England Yorkshire and Humber (HEEYH) region and was originally called the Advanced Training Practice Scheme (ATPS). The initial remit of the ATPS was to increase nursing student placement capacity within primary care, in a bid to improve the sustainability of the General Practice nursing workforce. The pilot quickly became successful, and hundreds of nursing students have been, and continue to be, placed in a General Practice setting. General Practice placements give students valuable career insight into General Practice and has increased the number of newly qualified nurses entering General Practice as a first destination career. HEE Y&H received a gold Health Service Journal ‘Workforce’ award in 2014 because of the regions ATPS success. The pilot was rolled out nationally and there is now a dedicated Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub (PCWTH) within each Integrated Care System (ICS) footprint.

Meet the Team

Workforce Specialists – Chris Brennan, Nick Nurden, Fiona Purdie

Chief Operating Officer – Marie Stout

Clinical Leads – ACP Catherine Gill, ACP Wendy Iles, Dr Julianne Lyons, Dr Paul Hudson

Nurse Leads – GPN Sarah Atkinson, GPN Sue Hutton (Wallis), GPN Naomi Smith (Berry), GPN Louise Smith

Regional Management Leads – Michele Bryden (Calderdale and Kirklees), Kirsty Farrar (Wakefield)

Senior Project Manager – Robyn Knapping

Reporting and Engagement Manager – Stacey Gill

Project Managers – Tracy Wood, Sara Thackray, Laura Barker (Scott), Joanne Jones, Jodie Warden

Senior Project Administrators – Nicole Mitchell, Chris Knapping

Project Administrators – Katy Stout, Iqra Amjad

Business Support – Mandy Brown (Finance Manager), Julie Binns (Finance Assistant)