Summer 2025 will see the first MPharm graduates aligned to the new GPhC learning outcomes, and the majority will enter Foundation Training to embark on Independent Prescribing as part of their foundation training year. This is an important milestone in the reform of Pharmacist education and training, and many changes will begin in preparation, including for Oriel recruitment which opens in January 2024.

If you are planning to recruit a foundation trainee pharmacist to start in 2025, find out now about the key changes ahead and how to prepare for them. Further information can be found here

The Foundation Trainee Pharmacist E-portfolio allows trainees to build evidence of their learning against the GPhC interim learning outcomes, and directly supports the use of the practice-based assessment strategy. It is free to access for all trainees and associated supervisors in England and registration is open now till November 2023.

Please visit our dedicated E-portfolio web page, especially if:

  • You are a trainee or a supervisor and do not currently have access to the E-portfolio
  • You would you like to be an E-portfolio Champion and become an expert for your locality
  • You would like to attend webinars and drop-in sessions to learn more about the E-portfolio


In January 2021, the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) published the revised Standards for the Initial Education and Training of Pharmacists.

NHS England is currently working to implement these reforms in England, with major changes happening in the 2025/26 foundation training year (previously known as the pre-registration training year). As part of the changes, for the first time, in the 2025/26 training year, all foundation training sites will be required to meet the same quality standards, and NHS England is taking on new responsibilities, delegated by the GPhC, for the quality assurance of all foundation training sites. As a result, to support provision of an equitable offer to all trainees, NHSE are harmonising the funding available to all foundation training sites hosting a foundation trainee pharmacist (previously known as pre-registration pharmacist). The level of funding for each site employing a foundation trainee pharmacist in the 2025/26 training year will be £26,500 per foundation trainee pharmacist. This funding will be:

  • Consistent across all sectors of practice and all regions of England.
  • A contribution to all costs of hosting a trainee, including supervision, administration, and salary costs.

In addition, NHSE will provide access to a consistent, funded training offer which will be available to all foundation trainee pharmacists across all sectors and regions. For more information on the funding for the 2025/26 training year, please visit the Implementing the Foundation Pharmacist Training Year 2025/26 website, where you can also find a detailed update on the changes coming for the 2025/26 foundation training year, and the preparations that employers need to make ahead of this.

Resources and Information

In the 2025/26 Foundation Training Year, NHS England will be taking on the responsibility for the Quality Management of the Foundation Training Year for all foundation trainee pharmacists in England. This will include assuring the quality of supervision.

Working with the GPhC, NHS England has developed principles for the role of Designated Supervisor that will be used from the 2025/26 training year. These principles as designed to support quality of education and ensure patient safety.

Learn more now: Designated Supervisor Requirements for 2025/26 Foundation Training Programme

This document is available to download from the website: Implementing the Foundation Pharmacist Training Year 2025/26.


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