The West Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub (PCWTH) are supporting GPN Supervisors and Assessors across West Yorkshire by running a GPN Supervisor and Assessor Support Programme. Feedback from research carried out has shown that many GPNs are not confident enough to put themselves forward as Supervisors or Assessors now there is no requirement for a formal SSSA/SLIP course. They do not feel equipped after an online course alone, such as PEAP, to start the roles.

The GPN Supervisor and Assessor Support Programme is a support framework for GPNs who have completed the online training. Supervision of nursing students represents the accumulated wisdom at each stage of your career; the decisions made, the actions taken, and challenges overcome. This Programme is here to support you as a GPN to fully integrate the NMC Standards for Student Supervision and Assessment (2018) into General Practice and to offer you support and encouragement as you start to think about supervision of nursing students.

The Programme is run by experienced GPN Facilitators who will follow up the online training with practical examples and ideas of how to implement what GPN’s have learnt. This includes case studies, developing toolkits and practical skills for the GPN Supervisors and Assessors to use in their day to day Supervisor/Assessor roles.

The GPN Supervisors and Assessors attending the Initial GPN Supervisor and Assessor Support Programme will also be given the opportunity to attend up to 2 more sessions within 2 years when they become more established in the role. Following an initial co-creation session with skilled GPN facilitators, the subsequent sessions will also focus on leadership and communication development including conflict management associated with students not achieving expected NMC performance standards.

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