ReSTORE programme recognition for Blerta Ilazi and the SY Training Hub

Blerta Ilazi, Clinical Fellow for refugee Nursing, NHS England North East and Yorkshire and Health Inequalities Tutor, SY Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub is heading to Buckingham Palace today by invitation from the King.

She will be attending a Reception for Nurses & Midwives in recognition of her work with the ReSTORE programme

Refugee Support, Training, Orientation, Recruitment and Education

The programme is providing the support, training, education and guidance for refugees in South Yorkshire who have been registered nurses in their own country, to move into our NHS workforce.

The programme aims to equip the nurses with the English language skills, communication and clinical skills required to work in the NHS, and to pass their clinical exams (CBT and OSCE) to become fully registered with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council).

It will also, crucially provide pastoral support to help them navigate cultural and institutional differences (from their country of training to the UK NHS) and to provide wellbeing support. 

ReSTORE Programme

For more information please contact the ReSTORE Programme leads Blerta Ilazi & Emma Matthews.