Be a career ambassador: help promote rewarding careers in health and care

Health and Social Care Ambassador Programme for Humber and North Yorkshire

We are currently facing unprecedented workforce challenges across the health and social care sector; and we need your help to spread the word about the incredible opportunities it holds to inspire the future workforce.

Our partners are working together to promote health and social care as the career path of choice. To maximise the reach and impact of employer engagement, the HNY Ambassador Programme has been developed.

Why be part of this scheme?

For Employers: Those who work with schools and colleges, you’re not just investing in your community and staff – you’re shaping the future of health and care! Together, we can raise awareness about the diverse range of careers available in health and social care, paving new pathways for recruitment.

The ambassador programme isn’t just about giving back – it’s about securing your future workforce. Gain direct access to potential talent and ensure they have the skills and qualifications needed to fill the gaps in our local workforce.

For Employees: Being an ambassador means you can directly impact young people’s lives. It’s not just personally fulfilling; it’s a chance to develop valuable workplace skills like planning and communication while inspiring the next generation of healthcare heroes.


What do ambassadors do? 

  • Complete at least one voluntary activity each year – though many do much more!
  • Help to deliver activities, from career talks to practical workshops
  • Visit or host primary and secondary schools, colleges, and youth and community organisations
  • Help find the right people to work in health and care.

We are now receiving requests in on a weekly basis for ambassadors to promote health and social care careers and we need more people from our sector to sign up to the programme to be able to fulfil the requests.

Full details on the scheme can be found here, or by emailing