Brief Survey for Qualified and Trainee ACPs

Shared on behalf of Sarah Fisher, Professional ACP Lead, NHSE

I am writing to ask for your support and contribution to the below surveys. I am doing a study which is looking at the experiences of primary care trainee and qualified ACPs training and in particular post qualification. I am doing this in collaboration with the London region as we will be comparing differences between the North and South of the country. We are hoping that this could inform future support and transition for trainee to qualified ACP status. The survey will only take a few minutes, I would be grateful if you could complete only the survey that is relevant to your current position.

If you are not either a trainee or qualified ACP or you know a colleague who hasn’t received this, I would be most grateful if you could share this across your primary care networks within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Qualified ACP –

Trainee ACP –