ePortfolio (supported) Route for Advanced Pharmacist Practice – fully funded places available

Shared on behalf of NHSE

As you may be aware the NHS England Workforce, Training and Education Centre for Advancing Practice is collaborating with the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) to offer a pharmacy-specific professional development pathway for advanced pharmacist practice that recognises the quality assurance of the advanced practice education, training, and experience of pharmacists practicing as advanced practitioners.  Successful completion of the pathway, assured through the RPS Core Advanced Pharmacist Curriculum assessment, results in pharmacists being recognised by the RPS as an advanced pharmacist, along with attaining the Centre for Advancing Practice’s ‘Advanced’ digital badge, demonstrating the quality assurance of their advanced practice preparation to patients, families, carers, and other healthcare professionals.

Accordingly, prospective pharmacist applicants for the Centre’s ePortfolio (supported) Route have the opportunity for their applications to be assessed and supported by RPS working in collaboration with the Centre for Advancing Practice, and the education partner of the RPS, the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE). This collaborative approach enables pharmacists working in advanced practice role to gain correspondent recognition with both the RPS and Centre that they are working at an advanced level of practice without needing to complete two separate ePortfolio processes, and this dual recognition route is fully funded by the Centre for Advancing Practice.

The Centre for Advancing Practice and the RPS has the opportunity for more pharmacists to participate in this collaborative ePortfolio process to gain correspondent recognition with the RPS as an advanced pharmacist and to gain the Centre’s ‘Advanced’ digital badge – if you are a pharmacist working in advanced practice role who is interested in this recognition activity you will firstly need to complete the Centre’s Expression of Interest form, and then complete the registration form for CPPE, the education partner of the RPS.

If you have any questions about this ePortfolio process for pharmacists, please contact the Centre via: england.advancedpractice@nhs.net