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1st November 2023 - 31st March 2025
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Course information

As one of the most common long term medical conditions worldwide, asthma is a leading cause of
morbidity, placing significant burden on patients, health services and wider society. Despite frequently
being perceived as an acute condition, asthma attacks can be avoided with high standards of care and well supported self-management. 90% hospital admissions for acute asthma are avoidable and there are preventable factors in most asthma deaths. Increasingly recognised as an “umbrella term”, asthma is a complex disease whereby individualised management is essential to improve patient outcomes and prevent avoidable deaths.

Recent advances in scientific and clinical understanding of asthma have shaped new paths in current thinking and approaches to care delivery across all healthcare settings and these will be explored in this course. Led by a tutor who is a health professional experienced in working with patients with asthma, this course moves beyond the basics of asthma focussing on developing knowledge and skills to enable translation of learning to the delivery of high-quality care in clinical practice.

Course content

• Evaluate the impact that asthmas has on individuals, local health services and their local community
• Distinguish factors underlying the quality and accuracy of asthma diagnosis
• Create comprehensive individualised management plans for a range of patients
• Compare types of asthma and emerging “precision medicine” therapies
• Apply evidence and guideline-based recommendations to acute asthma management and follow up care in all settings
• Analyse personalised care approaches in supporting patients to self-manage their asthma


• Epidemiology, pathophysiology and environmental issues
• Safe and effective diagnosis
• Therapeutic management in typical and more unusual cases
• Working in partnership with patients to support self-management
• Asthma management in the community, and in primary, secondary and tertiary care settings
• Risk stratification and management for best asthma care
• Effective remote care delivery

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Course length = 45 hours

Access =  4 months to complete

Course eligibility

This CPD course is for Practice Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals. Please check here if you are eligible for these funded courses.

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