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Rotherham Respiratory
1st November 2023 - 31st March 2025
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Course information

Scientific understanding of asthma has advanced rapidly in recent years and the way in which asthma care is being delivered is changing as a result. In addition to an update on evidence and guideline-based practice, this course offers insights into advances in asthma research and their translation to clinical practice.

The focus of this course is:

·         A revision of early and accurate diagnosis in children and adults, and appropriate management tailored to individual patient needs and preferences

·         An evaluation of contemporary issues in asthma care including risk management, environmental considerations, remote consultations and treatable asthma traits


This course is suitable for health professionals experienced in managing patients with asthma who have previously completed foundation/diploma level asthma training.

Course content

  • Evaluate the prevalence and impact of asthma and co-morbid conditions in clinical populations
  • Analyse the elements in patient history and relevant objective tests that lead to early and accurate diagnosis of asthma
  • Evaluate the range of management options appropriate to a variety of patients with asthma
  • Explore common asthma risk factors and aligning risk management strategies in clinical practice
  • Consider contemporary issues in asthma and relate them to a variety of clinical contexts including primary, secondary and community care


Using a variety of educational methods to actively engage learners the following topics will be explored:

  • Early and accurate diagnosis of asthma
  • Personalising management options to meet individual patients needs
  • Evidence-based approaches to understanding and managing asthma risk
  • Recent advances in asthma research and delivery of care

Online course details

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Course length = 7.5 hours

Access = 1 month to complete


Course eligibility

This CPD course is for Practice Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals. Please check here if you are eligible for these funded courses.

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