AHP, Nurse and Nursing Associate
Respiratory Matters
1st November 2023 - 31st March 2025
All Day
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Course information

This course is suitable for Health Care Professionals who are caring for people with COPD.

Course content

• Recognise the signs and symptoms of COPD
• Understand the principles of appropriate tests including spirometry to assist in confirming the diagnosis of COPD
• Understand appropriate pharmacological and non-pharmacological management of a person with stable COPD
• Understand appropriate interventions for a person with exacerbation of their COPD
• Be able to empower people with COPD to take control of their condition through evidence based high quality reviews

Online course details

Please note: once you have completed the registration form, your details will be passed to the training provider who will contact you in due course with details on how to access the online learning.

Our e-learning certificate course is delivered via our VLE and contains presentations with audio, interactive quizzes, videos, resources and useful links. 1-2-1 Tutorials are available every month throughout the course via Zoom, or by telephone if you would prefer

The certificate courses are taught in modules. There are no formal assessments but there are quizzes throughout the course to enable the learner to assess their knowledge following the course.

Course length = 12 hours (minimum) suggested time allocated to your learning. If the subject is new to you, you may need longer.

Access = 3 months to complete the course from the time login details have been received.

Course eligibility

This CPD course is for Practice Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals. Please check here if you are eligible for these funded courses.

Please note: By applying for any of these training courses, you/your practice will not be able to also claim your £333 allocated CPD funding.