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Rotherham Respiratory
1st November 2023 - 31st March 2025
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Course information

This spirometry course offers a flexible blended learning approach and offers a way of learning that translates to clinical practice giving healthcare professionals the knowledge and confidence to perform and interpret spirometry. The learning outcomes and content are mapped to Fit to Care (PCRS 2021) to support learners in identifying their training needs in a structured way, relevant to the level and area they work in respiratory care. The content will not only enable learners to confidently perform and interpret spirometry it will give them the underpinning knowledge to question the diversity of guidance and practice whether reviewing evidence or peer performance. The course will prepare delegates for portfolio assessment acknowledging this has been recently reviewed and revised by the ARTP and that the ARTP are currently the only assessors of competence. This course will also enable the learner to appreciate the difference between numerical and clinical interpretation using current, ‘real life’ case studies. Our clinical expert who created and designed the e-learning (Chris Loveridge) has years of experience in clinical work alongside training and education. She created and will promote the ‘Seven Steps to standardised spirometry’ (Loveridge 2020). This process is utilised across all our spirometry courses to ensure any traces produced will be ‘fit for purpose’ and can be both numerically and clinically interpreted. This approach will be underpinned by current evidence such as Z scores and Lower Limit of Normal (LLN).

Course content

• Accurately performing and interpreting spirometry safely and effectively in their place of work.
• The evidence that underpins quality assured spirometry in relation to testing and how these impact on potential interpretation.
• The differing evidence that underpins indications/contraindications to spirometry testing that promote patient safety and their role within protocols in their workplace.
• A systematic approach to spirometry reporting and interpretation and the responsibility that this entails in relation to patient centred care.
• The impact that spirometry/diagnostic services has on the individuals, local health services and wider health service communities.

Online course details

Please note: once you have completed the registration form, your details will be passed to the training provider who will contact you in due course with details on how to access the online learning.

Course length = 45 hours

Access =  4 months to complete

Course eligibility

This CPD course is for Practice Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals. Please check here if you are eligible for these funded courses.

Please note: By applying for any of these training courses, you/your practice will not be able to also claim your £333 allocated CPD funding.