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Jane Chiodini, Travel Health Specialist Nurse
1st November 2023 - 31st March 2025
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Course information

Travel Health Specialist Nurse Jane Chiodini has developed a new Travel Health Update online course
covering a number of topics will be set up for delegates to view at their leisure over a four-week
The training platform was created by Jane Chiodini and will contain a series of recorded talks by her –
just the same as if delegates were at a face-to-face meeting. In addition, there will be links provided
to enable access to some of the materials discussed in the presentations, tools to use in day-to-day
practice, self-check questions to reinforce learning, novel eLearning and much more.
Depending on how much the resources are explored, it will take up to a day to complete.

Course content

• Climate change and the impact on travel health
• Arboviral infections (malaria, dengue, Zika and TBE)
• The Challenging traveller (older and last minute travellers)
• Test your vaccine knowledge (including travel vaccines and immunisation issues )
• Travel health news – past and present (including measles and polio)
• Best practice in delivering travel health (including FAQs)
• Case studies (four complex cases)
• How do I?

Online course details

The course comprises 8 hours of learning, but you will have 4 weeks in which to complete it.
If you finish before this timescale, you continue to have access to the platform until the date of
The opportunity to ask questions and engage with an online forum to answer your questions is
available, but no online meetings are required for this course – you can study it at your own pace
when it suits you.
There is also a facility to email Jane directly within the platform if you have any queries arising from
the training and will receive a personal email reply back within 3 working days.
A certificate of completion for 8 hours of learning will be issued at the end of the course.

Course eligibility

This CPD course is for Practice Nurses and Allied Health Care Professionals. Please check here if you are eligible for these funded courses.

Please note: By applying for any of these training courses, you/your practice will not be able to also claim your £333 allocated CPD funding.