Maximise QOF and improve access to personalised chronic disease through group clinics 

It is that time of the year again. QOF is on everyone’s minds. Invest an hour next Tuesday and find out how you can maximise QOF through group clinics.


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Modernising General Practice guidance (2023) recommends that practices “consider a personalised care approach to LTC management with use of shared medical appointments (SMAs)…..”  and “make full use of multi-disciplinary team, involve all staff and patients in the design of new processes that encourage patient responsibility for health and wellbeing and management of LTCs”.

The evidence shows that group clinics also called SMAs – increase QOF achievement, improve self-management and quality of life AND increase access and clinic efficiency. Attend this webinar to hear how practices are using the model to improve access and realise the benefits.

Harnessing groups to maximise the impact of your personalised care practitioners

Watch the PCI webinar recording here

As part of improving accessing in primary care, it is essential that we make the most of personalise care practitioners like social prescribers, health and wellbeing coaches and care co-ordinators. Delivering assessments and reviews as group appointments can improve the efficiency of personalised care AND the evidence suggest that people make more health behaviour related changes after attending group appointments. To find out more, watch the recording of the Personalised Care Institute’s recent webinar that covered this subject.

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