GP Fellowship Expressions of Interest - Newly Qualified GP CATALYST Programme - Deadline 31st March

Please share with all your recently qualified or soon-to-qualify GP colleagues.

You may be aware that NHSE have recently announced upcoming changes to the national fellowship funding, which funds the GP CATALYST programme for newly qualified GPs in our region.

Any GPs in their first year of qualifying, and who will CCT before 31st March 2024 are still eligible to access this. Funding will also continue as per current arrangements for any fellows already enrolled and on the 2-year programme.

For any new GPs not already registered, the deadline for accessing this current funding is 31st March, to secure funding expressions of interest must be submitted by this deadline. The new cohort will likely start in September, and further information will be shared in due course.

Please express interest here before 31st March, to secure funding if you CCT before 31st March:

If you CCT after 31st March and would like to be kept up to date regarding the new funding offer, you can also register your interest on the same link above and we will keep you informed with any updates.

Many thanks for your help in informing numbers prior to the tight deadline!


CATALYST – Programme Information

Catalyst is the HNY variation of the NHSE national GP fellowship offer. A 2-year programme delivered by Hull York Medical School at the University of Hull is available to all GPs within 12 months of qualifying. The programme provides a weekly educational session and will help build the experience, skills and confidence that will support future careers in primary care medicine. A bursary is available to support release for 1 session per week. Educational sessions are currently on Wednesdays, one full day every two weeks (averaging 1 session per week).

Visit the Catalyst website here
View the Catalyst handbook here


Please get in touch on or if you have any queries.