Survive & Thrive: GP Together

Facilitated group support sessions


This is for GPs in any role (including locums) working within South Yorkshire at any stage of their career (apart from those on the ‘New to Practice’ Fellowship). The aim is to bring GPs together throughout all stages of their career to discuss and share experiences and create a supportive network within the GP community. Trained GP facilitators will help you collectively reflect on your professional experience. This might include issues and dilemmas related to patients, colleagues, or your wider professional development  For those of you who have experienced group “debrief” sessions at VTS Half Day Release, the model will be similar.

This is not clinical CPD but rather supportive reflection and problem solving.


We will aim to run up to 10 different groups across South Yorkshire at different times, days and venues. Regular small groups to discuss professional issues, problems, dilemmas in a supportive environment.

Facilitated by a trained GP to allow you space and time to reflect. Monthly sessions of 1.5 hours.

There will be up to 10 GPs in each group, as well as a GP facilitator. Your facilitator will take a register of attendees and payments of £75/session will be made quarterly in arrears. When you receive your confirmation email there will be a link for you to register your bank details to receive payment. It is your responsibility to arrange any tax/NI/student loan etc contributions from this.


Small monthly group sessions available at various times and locations. Each group will meet regularly at the same time with the same facilitator and group. Groups will take place face to face at various times and places in South Yorkshire. You will be allocated one group based on your preferences and be required to regularly attend the monthly sessions.

Further information on dates/times will be sent out once you have your place confirmed via email.

We understand that you may not be able to attend every session but if you miss two sessions without any prior notice, we do reserve the right to contact you to ask if you wish to continue, in case your space can be offered to another GP.


You will be able to register for the scheme and express your preference on which group you wish to attend. Places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have enough interest for each of the groups, we will then email you to confirm your place on the scheme and the dates for the sessions.

If there is not sufficient demand, we may start some sessions later on in the year as further GPs register.