Survive & Thrive: Healthcare Humanities

Facilitated group support sessions using medical humanities


The Humanities sessions are for any clinical professional working in general practice in South Yorkshire at any stage of career post early years (i.e. not on GP new to practice fellowship, Nurse VTS, PA preceptorship or following FCP roadmap).

Your time will be reimbursed (GPs @£75 per session, other clinical professionals @ £50/session)


These regular sessions will create time and space to connect with other clinicians to explore the challenges of working in Primary Care. Creative activities and art resources will be used to help us discover ways of flourishing in work.

“Art helps us access and express parts of ourselves that are often unavailable to other forms of human interaction. It flies below the radar, delivering nourishment for our soul and returning with stories from the unconscious. A world without art is an inhuman world. Making and consuming art lifts our spirits and keeps us sane. Art, like science and religion, helps us make meaning from our lives, and to make meaning is to make us feel better.” Grayson Perry, Artist


Two separate online monthly evening workshops:

Dr Tara George will be running sessions on Tuesday evenings 8pm – 9.30pm.

Dr Nicola Gill will be running sessions at 7.30pm – 9pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday 27th June 2024
  • Thursday 25th July 2024
  • Thursday 15th August 2024
  • Thursday 26th September 2024
  • Thursday 17th October 2024

Please note: Session on Thursday 9th May has been cancelled.

Dr Gill’s sessions have started but you can join anytime during the year. 


Dr Tara George: “I am a GP in Wingerworth, Derbyshire wear a number of “educational hats” including lead Training Programme Director for the Chesterfield and Derbyshire Dales GP Speciality Training Programme, GP Trainer, Sheffield University Phase 1 Early Years Clinical Teaching, deputy editor of RCGP Innovait. I have previously held roles as a GP Partner, GP locum, on CCG committees, Associate Dean at Health Education East Midlands and as a RCGP/NHS England Perinatal Mental Health Champion. 

My main professional love is medical humanities. I seek every possible excuse to introduce reading, film and play watching into my teaching and I indulge my enthusiasm by hosting the weekly medical humanities podcast “Bedside Reading” which I hope provides plenty of “accidental CPD” to healthcare professional listeners as they go about their housework, dog walk or commute to work. “


Dr Nicola Gill. “I work for NHS England as a Specialist TPD for GP Educator Support and Social Accountability. In the rest of my week, I facilitate learning using my passion for creative health. Harnessing the power of the arts I run seminars in museums, sculpture parks, conference halls and online to help clinicians develop and maintain the art of general practice.

I curate  and run GP School Art Club once a month. I am an active member of the RCGP Special Interest Group for Creative Health.  I trained in Sheffield and have 20+ years’ experience working as a GP and as a TPD for the York GPST Scheme. I enjoy reading, walking with friends and weeding my garden all help to maintain my wellbeing.”


You will be able to register for the scheme and places will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Once we have enough interest for the session, we will then email you to confirm your place on the scheme and the dates and link for the sessions. These sessions will run in a block and we would expect you to attend the majority of the sessions.  

We ask you to sign up to a block of Tuesday classes or Thursday classes. Unfortunately, it is not possible to mix and match the sessions.  

We understand that you may not be able to attend every session but if you miss two sessions without any prior notice, we do reserve the right to contact you to ask if you wish to continue, in case your space can be offered to another clinician.  

A register of attendees will be taken and payments of £75/session for GPs and £50/session will be made quarterly in arrears. When you receive your confirmation email there will be a link for you to register your bank details to receive payment. It is your responsibility to arrange any tax/NI/student loan etc contributions from this.  

Further information will be sent out once you have your place confirmed via email.