Digital Primary Care

I had the pleasure of appearing on a panel for one of the regular webinars hosted by the HTN (Health Tech News) publication.  The topic was Digital Primary Care – what the problems and barriers were in implementation and adoption, what solutions we were working with and what the future holds for the use of digital solutions. 

So of course I had a lot to say on the topic of Tech in training!


Emma Stratful at OX.DH

I was speaking alongside Emma Stratful from OX.DH who explained that they were making progress around the digitalisation of many aspects of general practice activities.  Talking about the long coveted interoperability between GP clinical systems and systems outside of Primary Care.  Making back office function tasks more efficient and introducing AI into those functions.  There is still a fear around this and the governance has to be correct but with NHS England creating a better process for testing the governance of new products and there seeming to be more of a willingness for industry to work with Primary Care on co-creation of the solution, it doesn’t feel as far off as we might have thought!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Liz Leggott.