The Primary Care Innovation Centre December Edition:

“Virtual Reality becomes an Actual Reality!”

By Liz Leggott, Project Manager


Nope, I’m not calling it ‘The Christmas Edition’, I’m not ready for that!

I settled on the title for this blog because it feels like I’ve been talking to you about this for the longest time but now I’ve managed to bring it into your hands… literally!

We’ve hit December 2022 and we’re about halfway through the testing sessions we had booked.  We had a fantastic ‘Hands On Day’ on the 11th November, we have a number of people signed up to use Oxford Medical Simulation, more will be signed up to use Re:Course AI in the next few days and we have some really great face to face sessions with BodySwaps booked!

Not to mention the work done presenting the 360VR of the Treatment Room we did to the 360VR group lead by the HEE TEL Team on the 21st November and attending the ASPiH conference on the 7th & 8th November … it’s been a bit of a whirlwind month again.

So, let me unpack that for you!

‘Hands on Day’ 11th November

It was just that!  A chance for people to get their hands on the software, headsets, platforms and manikins that we’re testing out.  This was all about trying to demystify the terms we spout like ‘VR’, ‘AI’, ‘platform’ etc. To show exactly what we’re looking at, exploring what’s possible and showing that it’s not just about us buying something off the shelf but actually working with suppliers to develop something meaningful and bespoke for Primary Care.  We also had some Health Science year 12 pupils from the Outwood Academy from Doncaster visit us too, to show them what we’re hoping will be their future methods of training if they choose primary care as a career.

We had some great feedback and some keen interest from a couple of practices wanting more information and to be involved, so that was a great result.

Our suppliers also got to see our work and it brought the bigger project to life for them, giving them a better understanding of our ambitious plans.  All in all, a good day!

ASPiH Conference 7th & 8th November

The Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) conference brought together people from all over to talk about what they had been working on and to share their experiences.  Keynote speakers from Australia and America really brought the scale of this Association and practice of simulated learning to mind.

I had the opportunity to speak to lecturers from the University of the West Coast of Scotland about their simulated nurse placement and Stafford University about their shiny new simulated learning centre.  I still hadn’t found anyone doing quite the same project as the Primary Care Innovation Centre, but snippets of similarity came out that I felt validated this work and cemented the thoughts that this IS the right thing to do, and we ARE going in the right direction!  Also, as a Greener NHS Champion I was really impressed that in order to keep their carbon footprint reduced, they only served vegan food and the keynote speakers presented from their homes rather than being flown in!

One speaker in particular talked about the use of VR and a simulated patient scenario just like Oxford Medical Simulation, used in the delivery of training and was used as a measure of the knowledge gained from that training; very much like we have done with our Clinical Decision Making and Asthma sessions.  This again validates the work we’re doing and makes me believe more than ever, we have to do this.

One speech had everyone in silence; in quiet contemplation about what Steven Sharrock had to say about his personal experience with PTSD, how Trauma Informed Care training was vitally important and how the effects of simulated training on learners had to be carefully considered as it could have dramatic, negative impacts on those involved.

HEE TEL Team’s 360VR Group 21st November

Our presentation to 50 members of the HEE TEL Team’s 360VR group went well! We were followed by two other fantastic speakers who had done great work using 360VR to provide education, training and orientation to staff… again more validation we’re doing the right thing!

I’ll attempt to explain in the simplest of terms what this is and how we did it and this is no reflection on your understanding, its more my ability to explain it in non-tech speak!

On location at a GP Practice in Doncaster we took a 360° camera and took lots of pictures throughout the practice, knitted them together and created a ‘digital twin’ of the environment.  This is our base on which we can layer many useful things, such as….


We are currently creating videos of different members of staff that will explain their roles within the practice or PCN.

The user can navigate the space, click on a staff member and watch the video to hear first-hand what each of the roles entail within the primary care setting.

Forms & Quizzes

From a left-hand menu we have added evaluation forms.  We can add a quiz which will ask the user questions about what they have seen and learned from using the product.  We can add evaluation forms on the use of the product and how they feel their learning was enhanced by its use.  Quite honestly, we can add any kind of form to this.

Avatars and Meta-Humans

We can add the use of avatars to the 360VR; this may enhance the user’s experience by enabling them to virtually be in the space.  We can add other pre-programmed avatars to be patients and other staff along with noise, chatter, distracting sensory disruptions to better simulate the busy environment, thus preparing the user for the real environment.

The next sessions you can register to be involved in are the BodySwaps sessions. These are not clinical and so can be opened up to anyone!  I would encourage you to have a look, be involved and just see how we can improve what we do. I look forward to seeing you there!

There’s a lot of information here again dear reader in my blog, there’s so much to tell!

As always, if anyone would like any more information about anything we’re doing, you can always contact me directly.

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Thanks for choosing to read this!  It’s always appreciated.