The Primary Care Innovation Centre July Edition:

‘Testing the Hypothesis’

By Liz Leggott, Project Manager

Hi readers, nice to see you back again!

Many factors make this project interesting, not least is the fact that this Innovation Centre seems to be the first of its kind. Don’t misunderstand me, there are many fantastic simulation centres out there that are doing an amazing job!  Some of which are on our doorstep! However, these appear to be either secondary care focused, attached to a hospital trust, or attached to a university and not particularly digital/technology focused. However, the Allam Medical Building in Hull on the Hull University Campus does come close and at a cost of £28 million to build, it boasts some unique features! Very impressive and is a must see if you get the chance to do so: University of Hull Health Campus

Primary Care simply ask for the same consideration when it comes to investment into training facilities; A place we can call our own and that harnesses the 6 principles to drive us on.  We are squeezed for space and don’t have suitable capacity to host something fit for purpose. We do know however, that to prove it’s need and its validity we must test out the hypothesis that doing something different is the only way to attempt to resolve our workforce issues.

So, how do we do that?

We need to prove the concept; prove the idea for the new model of delivery is the correct way to go.

My aim is to find a location, a piece of a building that has space within it replicating the look in part or in whole of a GP Practice.  Using this space I want to test out the kit and the software out there so I can evaluate its effectiveness as a learning tool.  I want to create a space where we can simulate conversations that we might have with patients in a safe, secure environment and I want to expose those new to primary care to the work place itself to try and alleviate any anxiety that may be experienced before going in.

I want to test out the ease of using new technology in an NHS site, to look at what functions need to be tested before we can securely use it and run a data impact assessment to see what issues we may have and find out what the wider cost implications are to using these tools, before we roll it out further.

I am currently working on some learning outcomes (with experienced educator colleagues) for those learners we anticipate to come through the testing; I have already created some learning outcomes for the testing itself, these are the bits of information that I will take away and help me to create the business case for the larger Innovation Centre.

This testing of the hypothesis is no small task and requires a lot of coordination, which is why I will also be looking to gather expertise to help me facilitate this part of the project.  It’s the most complex but the most required. It’s the scariest but the most exciting…. I say scary because I tested out some VR myself on Monday last week.  It turns out that landing me on the top of a virtual skyscraper with a mild fear of heights really accentuates that fear! All joking aside, things like Cyber Sickness is very real and I intend to explore that initially, so I know what safeguards and welfare I need to put in place for the learners.

I want to be able to bring you more on the testing as we go along and hopefully let you all know the where, the when and the how soon so stay tuned.  Also, if you want to be involved, you can!   If you want to register your interest in either being on a sounding board working group, being part of a learner set or even delivering some training yourself; either way I’d love to hear from you so please complete this form.

Come back to the blog in July to see what progress has been made and hopefully by then I may have even got my hands on some simulated patients.

Happy holidays if you’ve been luckily enough to escape and I’ll see you next time.