The Primary Care Innovation Centre Blog October 2023 Edition:

“Relation-ships; Away!”

By Liz Leggott, Project Manager


Phew!  Ok, ok! I need to calm down.

I have got the go ahead to purchase headsets, charging cabinets, management licences etc. all so we can also purchase BodySwaps Licences!

This is a huge deal!  This means so much for the project and to me as it means that all the research, testing and convincing others that this is the future of Primary Care training has been fruitful, that this is the direction we need to go in.  Having access to the headsets not only means engaging in some fantastic communications training software in BodySwaps but it also opens the door to other health care apps!  The list of these apps is endless, but it means we can affectively trial and choose what we need whilst being able to understand better how each one would enhance, expand and add to our repertoire of Hub offers!

Making connections and building relationships is a massive part of any project; if you build meaningful, reciprocal relationships with suppliers, partners, experts then you have a bank of knowledge and support when you need it.  We have managed to do this with UI3D, BodySwaps and Re:Course AI affectively and look to build others through mutually beneficial projects.

Back in August I also went to see some amazing work being created by Gener8 in Burnley!  They have created an interactive room that allows you to create training sessions with a simulated back drop of any location you want or different scenarios run by their software system or simulated health care related escape rooms.   An amazing thing to see!

Through the Clinical Entrepreneur Programme, I’ve met with Michael from SyncVR and Jonathan from ExR Michael’s platform aims to bring lots of creative content, tools to create our own and links to other suppliers and management of the software and apps on headsets.  On that platform is Jonathan’s ExR app, they supply free to access scenarios run in VR and has the first basic nursing skills scenario I’ve seen in action.  Partnering with these SMEs (small to medium enterprises) means that not only do they receive the opportunity to access clinical knowledge, specific educational content and a testbed of guineapigs to try it out on but we have the chance to create Primary Care specific, relevant and fit for purpose learning tools!  At a low cost!  With a relatively quick turnaround!  Potentially with a chance to create future income!

We’re on the cusp of some great mini projects within the wider Innovation Centre project which comes at a really good time as we plan to work more collaboratively with our local University.

So, with a long list of ‘To-Dos’ I shared with you last month, I go forth sniffing out the next exciting venture.

Lots of new personal experiences for me in October too!  I’m attending the UK Medtech Innovation Assembly in Leeds on the 2nd November, Integrating Health & Social Care Conference on the 19th and the next Clinical Entrepreneur Pitstop in Glasgow on the 11th and 12th October.

This plus setting BodySwaps and our headsets up and running with some actual training and continuing to push the business case forward.  I think its going to be a busy one!

Phew!   How busy and exciting does this sound?!

I can’t believe that we’re at this point, it just means so much for the Hub and for Primary Care, I can’t wait to see all this in action and (fingers crossed) within our own bespoke training and simulation centre.


Catch up with you all again soon!