National GP Retention Scheme Changes

Sent on behalf of NHSE Workforce Training and Education

Following the recent announcement of the closure of the current national GP retention schemes, General Practice Fellowships and Supporting Mentors, on 31st March 2024. The following statement has been released by NHSE:

These particular national retention schemes were due to end on 31 March 2024, as referenced in policy guidance, however NHS England is committed to future continued investment in retention of staff in general practice.

Integrated Care Boards (ICB) will take on greater autonomy to make decisions that serve the best interests of local people and communities – this means that while the general practice fellowships and supporting mentors schemes will no longer operate in their current national form, ICBs will put in place support locally.

GPs and nurses who are already accessing the funding will continue to be supported via the existing arrangements, until they complete their two-year programme. In Humber and North Yorkshire, this includes GPs on the Catalyst Programme and Nurses on the New-to-Practice VTS Programme.

Information will be shared widely once any future programmes are confirmed for enrolment of new GPs and nurses, following these changes to funding pathways.