Newly qualified pharmacist programme - next cohort now open for applications

Shared on behalf of CPPE

Dear colleague,

The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE), and NHS England (NHSE), have worked together to deliver another cohort of the Newly qualified pharmacist programme, which is now open for applications.

This twelve-month programme (starting in March) is fully-funded by NHSE as part of their Newly Qualified Pharmacist Pathway, which aims to link the initial education and training reforms to a continuum of development into post-registration. The pathway is intended to help pharmacists make the transition to more independent learning and acts as a stepping-stone towards enhanced and advanced practice.

The overall aim of the Newly qualified pharmacist programme is to support pharmacists to develop, and demonstrate, confidence and competence in core areas of pharmacy practice. The programme is designed to support newly qualified pharmacists to become better equipped to adapt and deliver safe and effective patient care at this pivotal stage of their career.


Who can apply?

Pharmacists who registered with the GPhC since 2021* who are employed or locuming in community pharmacy (except Boots), community health services, health and justice, integrated care boards, general practice** or care homes**. 

* Pharmacists who registered before 2021 who are returning from a career break are also eligible to apply.

** Pharmacists working in general practice or care home in posts which are funded via the primary care network additional roles reimbursement scheme are not eligible to apply for the CPPE Newly qualified pharmacist programme as they are required to enrol on the Primary Care Pharmacy Education Pathway (PCPEP)


Why should newly qualified pharmacists apply?

1. A flying start to their professional development journey

The Newly qualified pharmacist programme supports pharmacists to become better equipped to deliver safe and effective patient care and provides comprehensive learning to support their springboard towards Independent Prescribing (IP) training.


2. Structured professional development

The programme introduces newly qualified pharmacists to the fundamentals of being a successful and competent pharmacist through a series of online learning modules, self-reflection, assessments, and education supervisor support.  


3. Education supervisor support

Each pharmacist will be allocated a designated CPPE education supervisor, who will review their progress in practice and provide feedback and support.


4. Increased confidence

Pharmacists tell us they are more confident to deliver high quality pharmacy services as a result of completing a structured training programme with CPPE. They have had the opportunity to develop and improve their intrapersonal, clinical and patient-centred skills in a supportive environment.


5. Evidence of readiness for Independent Prescribing (IP) training

The Newly qualified pharmacist programme will support pharmacists to demonstrate readiness to enrol on an IP course.


Applications are now open and will close on 18 March.


Keep an eye on the CPPE website and social media for details on how to apply.

The programme will start on 25 March.

For more information and to check if you are eligible to apply, please visit: