Pharmacy Education Update - Supplement May 2024

Shared on behalf of NHSE School of Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation

Please find attach this month’s supplementary bulletin from the School of Pharmacy and Medicines Optimisation team, you will find additional information to the May briefing, about supporting workforce, training, and education, for all pharmacy sectors. – Please note some important deadlines as below:


Section Information/ News items in this briefing: Of particular interest for:
1. National Foundation Trainee Pharmacist Recruitment – Oriel 2024 – Tuesday, 4 June 2024 | 6.30pm – 8pm


ALL employers Foundation Trainee Pharmacists
2. ​​Pharmacy Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme opportunities 2024/25​ (see attached circulation) PCN and ICB workforce teams
3. The Great North Pharmacy Research Collaborative Annual Conference – Friday 12 July 2024 ALL
4. NIHR bursaries for PG Certificate to Masters level courses in Clinical Research – deadline 1st August 2024 ALL
5. CPPE – Introduction to overprescribing ALL

Pharmacy-Education-Update-Briefing_SoPMO-NEY May 2024_supplement

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Pharmacy Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme Opportunities 2024 25

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