Business As Usual!

Well the Easter Holidays have been and along with it more rain with tiny shy patches of sunshine!  Ah well at least the ducks and the plants are happy 🤷‍♀️

This pic was from International Women’s Day where we heard from 3 women in leadership positions and learned an invaluable lesson about Menopause…. even if it did depress us all slightly, it was good to know!

Pico Headsets

Keen and ready to go!

Last month I eluded to the fact that using TEL in our training sessions was indeed becoming our Business as Usual and well I think this image from our session in Leeds on the 26th March really brings it home.  All lined up, charged up, updates done and all ready to go.  It gives me pride and actually a boost of confidence to see this and think “Yeah, I did this!”.  These sessions of course can’t run as smoothly as they do if I were alone so I have to give a shout out to Lucas & Harry who help me trouble shoot and set them off.  Equally, thanks to Rob and Alan who trust me enough to help them deliver training, their training sessions, with the addition of this technology!

These latest pics were from the International GP training session on 26th March in Leeds.  It seems our reputation is spreading beyond our South Yorkshire boundaries!  We had some fabulous feedback and some very specific comments on the software that we were happy to feedback.

We now begin to see how we use this same technology but different topic areas to enhance the Aspiring Practice Managers Programme delivered by the Hub.

Case Study Publication V12 Telecom

I also have to thank Clare and Charles from V12 Telecom for this great case study they published this month!  This is clear how business and services can work really well together, not only did we find a perfect solution for our uncertain supply of data when we were delivering our tech led sessions but also found a great business partner and an opportunity to celebrate what we were doing!

Thank you!

If you want to read the article click here!

The NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Big Pitch Event in March 2024

This was a massively successful night!

As a Clinical Entrepreneur in Cohort 7, we were able to have a stand and talk about the collaborative work we had done together with ExR (fellow CEs).  We stood from 3:30pm until about 7:30pm and the floor never cleared!   A steady stream of interested parties came to hear us and ask how, what, why etc.

This made me realise that I need to promote the work more, perhaps some publications and journals would be interested in sharing our story.  Its also made me think about the possibility of publishing the research we have together with some evaluation and testimonials we’re now collecting from learners.

We also welcomed the new cohort 8 successful programme members and talked to them about our experiences, sharing what we’d learned and a few hints and tips along the way.

I’m really please to be recognised as a CP, its actually nice now though to hear that there are more patient CPs joining this year too!

If you want to read more or see some pics from the night click here!

Our Stand!

Above Left:  Nick from ExR explaining the process of filming in 360 and how we created our Nursing scenarios.

Above Right: The view from our stand and this was quiet!  The floor was full for most of the early evening!

Tea anyone?

I finish here with the news that we are beginning to use or Studio with great gusto now!  I’ve been arranging deliveries of the essentials as you can see here 😁  Lots of things you take for granted like cups, cutlery, washing up liquid, coat rack, dishcloths, projector screen, hand wash etc. etc.  I’m sure my team and our trainees will be grateful to hear the news they can now have a drink when they visit!


Thanks for all the ongoing support and my team for believing in the dream 🤩