Primary Palliative Care (PPC) Project ECHO Sessions

You can choose to attend all or some sessions. Project ECHO delivers a virtual, expert community of practice to improve knowledge and confidence.

Each ECHO session is based on your feedback, local and national priorities and guidance in End of Life Care (EoLC).

Programme 1: PPC, February to March 2024

In this first programme of four sessions, expects from the community:

  • will role model how to manage a range of EoLC situations at home
  • reinforcing local best5 practices and processes
  • build confidence and knowledge in EoLC, for individuals and teams
  • focusing on the practical use of ReSPECT, Park Card and Prescribing, and communication about death, dying and bereavement

Programme 2: PPC Plus, May to August 2024

Four subsequent ECHO sessions will focus on supporting GPs and colleagues who lead in EoLC, to develop and support EoLC in their practices, teams, across their network, and Sheffield. You will again choose to focus and content of the sessions.

ALL ECHO sessions are for:

  • GPs
  • their practice teams
  • community and front door hospital teams
  • GPs or colleagues with a lead role or interest in palliative care

Each ECHO session:

  • is free, delivered by experts, facilitated and online
  • consists of an expert talk and 2 EoLC case-based discussions from colleagues across Sheffield
  • you can join in as an individual, on behalf of your practice, network or community team or as a team

All session talks, case discussions and resources will be available to you and your teams after each session.

Session Topic Date and Time
Admit or remain at home: how do I support my dying, frail patient at the end of life at home? 01/02/24 at 7pm – 8:30pm
Discharge home to die: how do I support my patients at home, through a rapidly changing situation at the end of life? 22/02/24 at 1pm – 2:30pm
Are they thirsty: what is best practice around food and fluid at the end of life? 07/03/24 at 1pm – 2:30pm
Faith deaths: how do I and my team support spiritual beliefs and faith deaths at home? 28/03/24 at 7pm – 8:30pm

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If you have any questions, feedback, or wish to contact the ECHO Facilitator (Dr Laura McTague) or co-leads (Dr Hannah Weston, Dr Anne Noble) please contact