As part of the Long-Term Plan, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and General Practices are encouraged to build a team with diverse skills and competencies to support increased access for patients, alleviate pressures on existing staff, and improve the quality of care and services. The Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) provides PCNs with funding for some of these additional roles. Staff can be reimbursed in line with their skills and capabilities, and the role that they are undertaking, up to the maximum level of reimbursement set out in the Network Contract Direct Enhanced Service (DES). To be eligible for reimbursement staff must be able to deliver the responsibilities of the role set out in the DES. Employers need to ensure that staff are operating within the limits of their capability and scope of practice, and that they are provided with appropriate supervision to enable them to do so. It is not a requirement for Allied Healthcare Professions (AHP) to be First Contact Practitioners (FCP) or Advanced Practitioners (APs) to work in primary care.

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