The North East & Yorkshire Personalised Care team are delighted to share with you the launch of the Workforce Development Framework for Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLWs). Not only does the social prescribing link worker development framework offer a range of resources to help support the development, competencies & training opportunities, it also looks at what needs to be in place to help embed SPLWs into multidisciplinary teams within a Primary Care setting. The framework can be found here.

In addition to the frameworks, there are also a range of resources linked to the launch of the framework which can be found on FutureNHS: Social Prescribing Workforce Development Framework

The Workforce Development Maturity Framework is a quality improvement tool to support leaders at system, place, and neighbourhood levels to work together strategically to embed social prescribing and enable it to be as effective as possible.

The Maturity Framework will enable local leaders to:

  • Assess local social prescribing maturity and determine areas for improvement
  • Create an ICS social prescribing strategy, agreeing key priorities for improving social prescribing
  • Determine key priorities for collaborative working at a local level

You may also find it useful to access the findings and recommendations from the trailblazer pilot which looked at support for Social Prescribers linked to training hubs across the country, which can also be found on FutureNHS. Additional documentation:

The intention of the frameworks is to better support SPLWs to understand their role and to help employers understand how they may maximise the impact of the role. It also offers a range of competencies, along with outlining the support which SPLWs need in order to meet their full potential, such as supervision, training & development opportunities for the future.

There is a strong focus on the need to embed SPLWs into multidisciplinary teams within Primary care and a wider range of settings, which systems will find beneficial when looking at their SPLW workforce, especially around growth & retention.

Key areas included within the frameworks are:

If you are interested you can register with the Personalised Care Institute to find e-learning modules, personalised care and support planning and many other aspects of personalised care – Personalised Care Institute

Further information regarding Personalised Care can be found here: NHS England » Personalised care

Access to Making Every Contact Count training can be found here: Making Every Contact Count – elearning for healthcare (

Carers and Social Prescribing Link Workers

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