NHS England provides Workforce Transformation Funding and Prescribing Funding to post-registration healthcare professionals (excluding doctors and dentists) to access a wide range of professional healthcare education. This was previously named SSPRD (Specialist Skills & Post Registration Development) funding. NHS England Workforce Development funding is limited and subject to availability and approval. Workforce Development funding is invested in creating transformative change in the workforce.

In West Yorkshire, a comprehensive learning needs analysis was undertaken which considered the overall workforce transformation priorities as described in the West Yorkshire People Plan. It was agreed within the West Yorkshire Delivery Group that applications for modules must be logged and authorised by the West Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub (PCWTH) to ensure that courses are aligned to local priorities and that Practices can confirm their support for learners.

Some modules have specific numbers and identified employing organisations (ring-fenced) in response to workforce transformation priorities and to ensure targeted and fair access to learning. This web page is designed to answer some FAQs around applying for Workforce Transformation funding for course modules and to guide you through the application process.


Education and training can potentially be funded from several funding streams of which Workforce Development funding in West Yorkshire is only one. Where other funding is available this should be applied for before Workforce Development funding. The other funds that may be available to support training include, but are not limited to:

  • National Contract for Critical Care Blended Learning
  • Health Care Science Post-Registration development
  • Cancer including funding for Cancer Nurse Specialists
  • National mental health programmes
  • Rotherham Respiratory Ltd
  • eLearning for healthcare
  • Social Care – Skills for Care
  • Vaccinations and Immunisations – Targeted Hesitancy Training
  • Elective Care Recovery Funding (for AHP’s)
  • CPD Funding

Apprenticeships: Please consider if an apprenticeship may be an appropriate route. Apprenticeships are available in Advanced Practice, Leadership and Management, and Education.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the module application form via your chosen University/provider. Ensure that the ‘Further Information in Support of Your Application’ section is completed thoroughly.
  2. In the ‘Financial Information/Funding’ section of your application, enter ‘NHS England Workforce Development Funding’.
  3. Ensure that your application form is signed off and approved by your line manager.
  4. The University/provider will advise you if a funded place is available, offer a deferred funded place or offer the option to self-fund.
  5. you must also send a copy of your application form to the WY Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub via tpc.traininghub@nhs.net
  6. The PCWTH will review course and funding eligibility and authorise funding on your behalf (subject to a funded place being available and the course being on the eligible list of funded modules).

PLEASE NOTE: funding is for course fees only, not for backfill.

Who is eligible for Workforce Development Funding/Prescribing Funding?

Funding is currently only authorised through the West Yorkshire Primary Care Workforce & Training Hub (PCWTH) to employees of NHS organisations within West Yorkshire (excluding doctors and dentists). The health and care system in West Yorkshire aims to ensure fair access across professions, geographies, and health care to build a fully integrated workforce. Funding is available to support the non-registered and registered workforce and some modules are available as accredited and unaccredited. Universities/providers identify entry requirements on their course descriptions and if unclear, please contact the relevant University/provider. Funding is to support organisational priorities and will only be considered if the education follows the below criteria:

  • The organisation can demonstrate how the learner will be supported.
  • The education is job-role specific.
  • The application is supported by your employing Practice/PCN.

Which courses are NOT covered by Workforce Development Funding?

Workforce Development funding does not cover travel, expenses, or subsistence. Neither does it cover:

  • Research & dissertation
  • Doctorates
  • Leadership & Management
  • Research Masters
  • Public Health Masters
  • Full BSc courses
  • Mentorship
  • Courses/modules lasting more than 1 year (funding is only available for modules delivered within the current financial year)
  • Advanced Practice full 3-year Masters (this is funded separately via the ACP Apprenticeship Scheme)

Is an approved application a guarantee of funding?

All funding is subject to availability. Applications are dealt with in the order in which they are lodged with the University/provider and the PCWTH. There is a limit on the funding allocation for Primary Care organisations each year. You will be notified at the first opportunity if your funding application is successful. If NHS England funding for the year is fully allocated, your application will be placed on the University/provider waiting list until further funding becomes available, or you will be offered the option of keeping your course place and self-funding.

I have applied online for a course at my local University, but I have just received an email to say that there is no funding to support my application. Why is this?

Applying for Workforce Development funding to cover a training course is a 2-step process. You must apply for the course (via the University website) and also apply for the funding approval via the PCWTH. Your University/provider admissions team will let you know if a funded place is available. Please see the process for applying for courses above.

Does Workforce Development funding cover backfill for days out of practice/ clinical supervision?

At the present time funding covers module fees only (paid direct to the University/provider). As most modules involve some time out of Practice for study/examination, you are advised to consider this prior to application and contact the relevant course leader for further details.

When will my place on the training course be confirmed?

An offer email with the course start date details is usually sent by the University/provider 3-6 weeks before the module is due to start. Please note that an offer of a place on the course does not indicate that there is Workforce Development funding available to support your application and you must explicitly check this with the relevant admissions team.

When will I receive confirmation of funding?

You will be notified by the University/provider as soon as funding is confirmed.

I have received an offer of a place on a course, but I have been informed that there is no funding available. What should I do?

You can either take up the offer of a self-funded place or you can choose to defer your place and re-apply for funding either in a second round for course dates in January (subject to funding availability) or in the next financial year. A new application for funding must be made for courses entering a new financial year. Please contact us for advice.

I have been successful in my application for funding, but I have been informed that the course I want to apply for is full. What should I do?

You will need to apply for the next available intake of the course. However, if the next intake is in a new financial year then you will need to re-apply for funding again as funding cannot be carried over into a new financial year. Please contact us for advice.

What should I do if I want to undertake a module in order to work towards a Master’s in Advanced Clinical Practice?

If you wish to work towards a Master’s degree in Advanced Clinical Practice (ACP) and your employer has identified the service need for the ACP role, then you are advised to contact the West Yorkshire PCWTH for advice. Different funding options are available for this, and your organisation may be eligible to apply for NHS England funding through the ACP Apprenticeship Programme which comes with an attached Clinical Salary Support payment. Please see the ACP Apprenticeship information on our website for further details.

What should I do if I want to undertake a research module or dissertation in order to ‘top up’ my existing qualifications to Master’s level Advanced Clinical Practitioner?

Please contact us for advice – ‘top up’ funding may be available for course fees only through the ACP Apprenticeship Programme (see above).

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