Survive & Thrive: Wellbeing

The SY Workforce & Training Hub recognise the importance of promoting the wellbeing of all healthcare workers and so we have arranged a series of evening webinars designed to do just that.

The webinars are for any clinical professional working in general practice at any stage of career post early years  (i.e. not on GP new to practice fellowship, nurse VTS, PA preceptorship or following FCP roadmap)

The webinars are provided by Resilient Practice

Karen and Chrissie are practising healthcare professionals who provide wellbeing and resilience training for a host of NHS organisations. The webinars include a practical element and share tools and techniques that can be used throughout the clinical day ensuring we all stay afloat whatever the weather.

See details of all the webinars below with links to register.

You can also view the full collection on Eventbrite.

How to Practise Meditation and Mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness are core skills that help us to maintain our mental wellbeing. In this interactive webinar we will differentiate between them, explain their individual benefits, and allow you to experience them as skills to take away.

Taking place on May 1st and 29th 7-8pm


How to Say No

Habitually saying “yes” to all requests comes from a core belief that we must agree to everything to be valued. Here we challenge this concept and provide specific tools for saying “no.”

Taking place on June 19th and July 3rd 7-8pm


Should I Walk a Mile in your Shoes?

Understanding how regularly attempting to experience another person’s pain and distress results in projecting ourselves into imagined scenarios. This creates a stress response within us and puts our wellbeing at stake. In this webinar you will learn practical ways to foster compassion and tools to stop you from taking work home with you.

Taking place on September 4th and 18th 7-8pm 


An Introduction to CBT

Here we will explore the cognitive behavioural cycle, understanding how our core beliefs influence the process and discover different ways to intervene at each point in the cycle. Delegates will learn how to reframe core beliefs, evaluate their thoughts, challenge cognitive illusions, generate positive body chemistry and change their behaviour.

Taking place on October 2nd and 9th 7-8pm

How to Avoid Complaints

Complaints are a leading cause of distress and are often avoidable. With good self-awareness and tried and tested language skills, we teach ways to avoid our interactions leading to complaints and how to manage them if they do arise.

Taking place on November 13th and 20th 7-8pm