Care Co-ordinator Training and Development

There is currently a high variability in training time, content and methods for Care Co-ordinators and many routes into the role.

People who choose to become a care co-ordinator could be from a health and care background or a different sector, where they have gained the transferable skills to meet the core competencies required for the role.

Care co-ordinators come from diverse backgrounds and bring with them skills in different areas, for example welfare, education and supporting vulnerable communities. Employers should have an awareness of their care co-ordinators’ previous experience and what additional training and support is needed, particularly for care co-ordinators who are new to the NHS.

See the framework below which provides guidance for care co-ordinators in the NHS and those employing them.

Care Co-ordinator Training

Details of accredited health coaching training providers can be found on the Personalised Care Institute website.

Personalised Care Training