Offers support and funding for practices to employ and train an ACP over their first two years whilst working towards completing the MSc in Advanced Clinical Practice, mainly via the apprenticeship route.

Suitable for Registered Nurses or Allied Health Professionals such as Paramedics, Physiotherapists and Pharmacists developing advanced clinical roles in primary care.

Includes regular group peer-support/ learning sessions.


When is it available?

The application process for ACP training funding is now open for 2024/25 courses within Yorkshire and Humber, to apply for NHSE support to train Advanced Practitioners.

The application form is now open, and can be found here:

Further details can be found in the  North East & Yorkshire Faculty Handbook. Please note this includes details of the training grant offer for 2024/25.

Key points to note:

  • The North East & Yorkshire Faculty Handbook contains details about the funding offer from NHSE, employers’ responsibilities/commitments and how to apply. If after reading these you still have questions, please email Please note the document is a live document and may have updates added as and when.
  • The deadline to apply is 29th March 2023.
  • Each organisation applying must nominate a single contact to lead on the ACP process and act as a key liaison for all enquiries relating to ACPs. All applications must be approved and submitted by the same lead contact.
  • You will be required to submit a job description and/or job plan for your trainee ACP(s) upon applying, to ensure your application is considered. Please note applications that are not completed in full or do not provide a JD/PS will be returned.
  • If you require any support completing the form or have any issues accessing the form, please email:
  • We aim to notify your organisation of the outcome within 4 weeks of submitting your full application.
  • Please note once funding is confirmed, organisations need to apply to their preferred HEI and follow their application process.

 If you are a large organisation who will be submitting multiple applications and would prefer to submit your applications via a secure live spreadsheet, please let us know by emailing


If you would like any support around planning your application please also feel free to contact the HNY Training Hub on

To enable the training hub to support your application please copy us in when you email the job description as per the instructions in the application form. This will enable us to help if there are any enquiries around the job description and support your applicants.


How long is it?

3 year apprenticeship (Year 1 & 2 involve weekly teaching, Year 3 involves a dissertation)

The preferred route of training is the ACP Apprenticeship, however, if candidates do not meet the criteria, the faculty can look at alternative funding for the traditional route.


What’s involved?

The scheme is open to the full variety of roles which practices may choose to develop into an ACP, examples include:

  • Registered Nurses developing into an Advanced Nurse Practitioner (ANP)
  • Paramedics
  • Physiotherapists
  • Pharmacists

Practices who wish to support their staff to undertake a University ACP Masters programme should give careful consideration to how they will supervise and support their staff member as they complete the clinical element of these programmes; putting key learning into practice and moving into new ACP roles with the practice upon completion of their studies. Practices taking part in the scheme will develop an educational plan for the new ACP and have a named appropriate supervisor within the practice.

Information on Advanced Practice and the ACP Framework can be found here:
Welcome | Advanced Practice

The scheme also offers further support from the training hub, including regular peer-group support forums for linking in with peers, covering requested clinical topics and case based discussion learning.

For more information, please download our Info Pack and available resources below.


What funding is available?

The course primarily available as an apprenticeship, with fees funded via apprenticeship levy funding – for more details please see the HCV Apprenticeship Toolkit below.

A HEE training grant of £10,200 per ACP per year is also currently available.


Is there an alternative route for experienced advanced practitioners?

Their is an ePortfolio (supported) Route, which has been specifically designed to enable recognition with the Centre for Advancing Practice of existing, experienced advanced practitioners, who at the time of the expression of interest, are working clinically in advanced practitioner roles on a regular basis, and who have already completed their advanced practice experiential and educational learning mostly before 2017 when the Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England was published.

You can find full details here: ePortfolio (supported) Route – Advanced Practice (


How can I find out more or express interest?

Email –

Phone – 01482 303986

Or click on the button below


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